Our Story

Inspired by my experiences of baby weaning

They say that the greatest innovations are borne from times of great hardship … well I don’t know about ‘great’ hardship, but it was certainly tough spending at least an hour every meal time feeding Zara, that’s 3 hours a day … 21 hours a week … over 1000 hours in a year!!! Something had to change …

Shop bought food pouches are great, they’re convenient and easy to use, but at the same time expensive, too small and definitely not fresh!

Every good mother wants the best for their kids and what’s better than mum’s fresh home cooking? But how do you package it in a way that attracts today’s child away from colourful shop bought pouches? … That is convenient and fits in with the hustle and bustle of a modern parent’s lifestyle?

Designing Fill n Squeeze food pouches

My early prototypes included syringes filled with mashed fruit … icing bags full of chicken soup … but it got me thinking: ‘am I the only mum going through this??’ The seed of an idea was sown and now here I am after a year’s painstaking development to create the best and most efficient kids’ feeding station possible.

The Pouch Filler and Squeezee Pouches have surpassed all of my expectations and even I have to admit it’s fantastic! If only I had this 3 years ago!

“Mummy always said I was difficult to feed, I always preferred those bright colourful baby food pouches from the shops to home cooked food.

But one day, not one to be outsmarted by a kid, she played a clever trick on me and filled a used food pouch with her home cooked food and gave it to me – how sneaky was that? … of course, I ate it all up none the wiser.”

- A word from Zara (my 3 year old daughter)

Prior to having my children I have been working for years in various roles, as a retail buyer, international food buyer, and working with suppliers to develop new innovative food products for the big supermarkets. I am also very committed to supporting organic products, healthy nutrition for children and complementary medicine such as homeopathy, acupuncture etc. So it’s of great pleasure that I have been able to put some of this experience and knowledge into the Fill n Squeeze range of products.

I really hope you and your little ones enjoy my Squeezee pouches. I hope with Fill n Squeeze that feeding time becomes a pleasure and that your children grow strong and healthy on fresh home cooked food. But I’d love to hear your stories, if you’re happy, if you’re not, if you think I can improve the design, please get in touch.