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Patented kit for home produced healthy and nutritional baby weaning food to be made into squeezable, freezable, coolable, microwaveable, fun to use pouches.

The Fill n Squeeze Weaning Baby Food Pouch Maker contains; 

  • 1 x 500ml Pouch Filler Jug,
  • 1 x Jug Closure Cap,
  • 1 x Hand Masher (which doubles up as a plunger when the plunging cover is used),
  • 5 x 150ml Fill n Squeeze Reusable pouches sterile and ready for use

The patented Fill n Squeeze Weaning Baby Food Pouch Maker has been cleverly designed for the mum who wants to give her little one home prepared healthy and nutritional food to eat.

 The pouch maker can be used for weaning babies and up through infancy - Kids love eating from the fun and colourful designed pouches - whether at home or on the go.

Home prepared food no longer needs to be frozen in ice cube trays - the Pouch Maker allows you to fill fun and colourful pouches with your own creations. The system is simple, versatile and mess free and the pouches can be refrigerated, frozen and are microwaveable.

The reusable pouches can be easily cleaned and resealed making them an economical way of giving your child healthy and nutritional food

*** STOP PRESS! *** Released 1st April 2016

Fill n Squeeze is thrilled to announce it has won a successful tender with the NHS. Fill n Squeeze will now be supplied in hospitals nationwide, so babies and young children can enjoy homemade meals for the duration of their stay.

At present, poorly babies can only eat pre-filled pouches or jars provided by the hospital, but now parents have another option. With the introduction of Fill n Squeeze in hospitals, parents can now prepare their baby’s favourite homemade, nutritious meals and snacks in colourful Fill n Squeeze pouches, which is sure to cheer them up.

Having competed against various multinational brands, the Fill n Squeeze team is delighted and extremely proud to have secured this significant deal. Having only hit the shelves three years ago, this is a truly remarkable achievement for the much-loved brand. To celebrate this exciting news, Fill n Squeeze has teamed up with the Rosie’s Rainbow Fund, a charity supporting Sick and Disabled Children in Hospital, School and the Community. Fill n Squeeze have committed a generous supply of free goods to the charity whose patrons include well known celebrities Joanne Froggatt and Lucy Benjamin, to help them feed sick children across the UK.

Fill n Squeeze is a fantastically simple system, which allows parents to create personalised, homemade meals and snacks with ease. Thanks to the reusable certification, the pouches can be used time and time again, making it the best choice for a practical, healthy, affordable and efficient way to feed tots! Even better, as parents can tailor make every meal, it is a great solution for babies with intolerances or allergies. Now available in hospitals nationwide, parents can rest assured their children will enjoy all their favourite meals during their time in hospital. And of course if they are in need of anything specific in their diet to support recovery they can be assured using Fill n Squeeze they can get everything to their little one that they need.

Commenting on this exciting news, Rifat Jan, the mum behind Fill n Squeeze said: “We are so pleased to have won this tender with the NHS. It is such an honour to know that my invention will be supporting parents feed their children their favourite, nutritious meals during their stay in hospital. When in hospital, parents need to focus on their child's recovery, and not worry about making sure they eat well, and I hope this new agreement will help. ”