Super Weaning Bumper Pouch Kit

£45.99 £49.99

Patented kit for home produced healthy and nutritional baby weaning food to be made into squeezable, freezable, coolable, microwaveable, fun to use pouches:

The Fill n Squeeze Weaning Baby Food Pouch Maker contains; 

  • 1 x 500ml Pouch Filler Jug,
  • 1 x Jug Closure Cap,
  • 1 x Hand Masher (which doubles up as a plunger when the plunging cover is used),
  • 15 x 150ml Fill n Squeeze Reusable pouches sterile and ready for use
  • Recipe Book from stage 1 & 2 weaning, smoothies, yoghurts & family meals
  • Pouch Cleaning brush
  • Pouch spoon which clips onto all pouches