A handy cleaning solution to help pouches last longer.

Pouch cleaning brush to help effectively clean all corners of the pouch, cap and spout. How to: Fill pouch with hot soapy water Insert brush to remove food stuck in pouch Use brush to clean pouch spout and cap

Product Features:
● Flexible wire handle
● Bendy handle to reach all corners of pouch
● Hanging hole for drying
● Insert directly into pouch

 Cleaning instructions:

1. Wash out pouch with warm water to shake food bits

2. Fill with hot soapy water, replace pouch cap and shake vigourously

3. Insert pouch brush to clean pouch corners, pouch nozzle and cap

4. Rinse out throughly until water runs clear

5. Final rinse hot water from kettle, you can re attach the pouch to the clean jug and pour hot water into jug to fill pouch. Leave to stand for 5 mins. Or sterilise with cold Milton tablets or equivalent

6. Turn upside down to dry.

7. Replace pouch cap and store clean pouch in freezer to keep fresh until next use.